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Blocking and crypto-currencies have become an integral part of modern society, but the majority of the population is little aware of the details ...


Description of user problems and their solutions by us

Input and withdrawal of money

We will help you quickly and safely and profitably to enter and withdraw your money to the stock exchange. Let's talk about possible options for their advantages and disadvantages and help you choose the optimal solution.

Account Lockout

Due to the increased number of account hacking and theft of funds, we will help in the shortest possible time to block the user's account until the circumstances of the Exchange employees clear up the circumstances.

Long waiting time for ticket review

We will promptly explain and help users correctly issue a ticket (include all necessary information) and inform about the current problems of the exchange and the expected timing of its resolution.

Lack of consultations in working with the stock exchange

We will conduct a free initial consultation on working with the stock exchange for newly registered users. We will describe the main opportunities and basic trading strategies.

We are a call-center with 5-year experience, with 280 multilingual operators who have passed trade courses on crypto-exchange exchanges, experts in block-technology that are ready to answer all your questions

Our offer to exchanges

Our contribution to the development of exchanges on the crypto-currency market

We will unload the work of personnel solving elementary problems of the same type

We will help to attract more users due to fast and high-quality service

Increase the level of trust of users to the exchange and crypto-currencies

We will consult new users of exchanges.
First consultation for free

Increase the interest of new users in working with your exchange

Stages of project development

Road map

Birth of the idea
2018 / Quarter I
Beginning of marketing company
Quarter 2
Beginning of negotiations with exchanges
Quarter 3
Conclusion of a service contract with first exchange
2019 / Quarter I
Support for third-party projects and startups
Creating a token and training staff
Quarter I
Bounty Company
Quarter 3
Initial placement on the exchange
Quarter 4
Serving more than 10 exchanges
2019 / Quarter I

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